MayFest Challenge, May 3-5, 2019

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2019 Show Locations

Show Grounds

Will Rogers Memorial Center

3401 W Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Show Hotel - To Be Confirmed

Fort Worth Spring Hill Suites University

3250 Lovell Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Show Staff

Show Manager: Kristen Fisher, 214-284-7094

Show Secretary: Patty Liarakos, 210-912-8679

Vendor Mgr: Donna Wakefield, 817-223-7477

2018 Show Sponsors

Thank you to our 2018 MayFest Challenge Sponsors!

BayWood Equestrian

Freewill Farm

Sandstone Arabians

Stella Bella Arabians


Sport Horse and Trail High Score Award Winners

Sponsored by Larry and Adrienne Jacobson, in loving memory of Ansata Mara+/, Scandia Farm, Richmond, TX

  • Arabian Western Trail: CP Dauntless and Jill Mitchell
  • HA/AA Western Trail: Papi Chulo and Jill Mitchell
  • Arabian English Trail: Sterling Bradley and KMA Angelo
  • HA/AA English Trail: Papi Chulo and Jill Mitchell
  • Arabian Sport Horse in Hand: Anieva MLM owned and shown by Wendye Gardiner
  • HA/AA Sport Horse in Hand: Golden Charms owned by Jayme Harris and shown by Emily Lister

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